Episode 110 - Quorum (Runner Side)

January 9, 2017

On our agenda: 

  • Jesse's read Neuromancer and now he's really worried about how Wilfy's sentience has developed and which other AI he has been colluding with. 
  • Will SIFR be the end of ICE as we know it?
  • How does Aaron Marron help Criminals deal with their card draw issues? Will 24/7 ever be playable again with so many answers in the metagame?
  • How does Encore compare to Time Walk? Will Encore be $1500 per copy, and banned in all formats other than Vintage? Will extra turns prove as fruitful for runners as they are for magicians?
  • Is Peace in Our Time the best Anarch economy card since Temujin Contract?
  • Will anyone play Fawkes over Dagger?
  • What's the go with Sunya?

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