Episode 115 - Daedalus Complex (Runner)

February 24, 2017

On our agenda:

  • Jesse and Wilfy discuss Wilfy's latest Store Champs triumph - what were his decks, how did he celebrate, and what is it like being a plaque blocker?  Do we need to alert the rogue bioroid recovery unit about his "unusual" behaviour?
  • Does Maw do enough to see play, or would it need to do a bit Maw in order to make our decks?
  • Will we be able to Exploit the Weakness in corp decks at the moment, or is it sufficient do just go with a classic Emergency Shutdown in that slot?
  • It's a Mad Dash through the runner side of the pack - what will we take with us and cram into our decks before we get onto the corp cards?
  • Thank you to our listener who provided us with the definitive answer to the Sifr pronunciation question! 

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