Episode 123 - Cambridge and Friends (Terminal Directive Criminal Cards)

May 11, 2017

On our agenda:

  • Jesse and Wilfy take a trip back to New Angeles and get into the mindset of notorious cybercriminal Steve Cambridge.
  • Despite Wilfy being adamant that Steve is a 'bad guy', the panel takes an 'unbiased' look at Steve himself and his array of tools, programs and friends in the Terminal Directive big box.
  • Will the conspiracy breakers see play?  How relevant is their "trash to bypass" ability?
  • Does the Mammon shell bring an entirely new playstyle to blue?
  • Will ICE derezzing and bypassing, and econ denial, be a bigger feature of criminal decks in the future?
  • What are some ways that Jesse and Wilfy can see these new criminal tools making a splash in the competitive metagame?

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