Episode 128b - Weyland Terminal Directive Part 2 (Incl Corp Neutral Cards)

July 4, 2017

On our Agenda:

  • Welcome to the second half of our SPECIAL 4th OF JULY DOUBLE RELEASE :O
  • The Weyland ICE in Terminal Directive have significantly bumped the faction's playability!  Hortum and Colossus present some premium Code Gate and Sentry options for the Barrier faction.
  • Will KP Lynn be a psuedo-caprice for Argus or other tag n bag strategies, or will it be largely impotent in the face of Aaron Marron?
  • IPO is a significant boost to corp economies, upping the power of restructure and giving corps plenty of fast cash.  How much of an impact does the panel think it will have on the metagame?

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