Episode 132 - Blood and Water (Corp)

July 31, 2017

On our agenda:

  • It's a jam-packed corp side of the pack, with 13 cards to discuss!
  • How does Wilfy rate this pack where 100% of the purple cards are bioroids?  Does he have the inside scoop on Loki? Did they go to bioroid daycare together?
  • Obokata Protocol is one of the better agendas to come out recently, and certainly ranks up there with the better 5/3s in the game.  When and where does the panel see it being played?
  • "Success" completes the trifecta of fast advance options from the Jemison identity card's subtitle.  How does this triple stack up against Sacrifice and Audacity, and how does it compare to its closest friend, Red Planet Couriers?
  • Is Whampoa Reclamation the new Jackson, or is another card secretly the best Jackson impersonator in this pack?
  • Mass Commercialisation is a very powerful new economy event for all corps.  How and when will it be utilised?

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