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The Winning Agenda Episode 151 - Throne of Eldraine Unboxing plus Uprising Spoiler

December 6, 2019

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After a hiatus of some time, Jess and Jesse are back to discuss everything of note in the world of competitive Netrunner.

On our agenda:

  • Year in Review! Jess and Jesse mention what they've been up to over the past little bit, including some Twilight Struggle, two World Championships, and a whole lot of Snake Draft.
  • Uprising Spoilers! Morgan of NISEI was kind enough to give us two powerful cards - one crisp and tasty hardware and one best friend of a genderless void. Both cards are unique replacements for rotating effects, and we look at the historical context that these cards have been designed in, as well as which other old and new cards might be especially well suited to work with them.
  • Throne of Eldraine discussion! As a bit of a change, Jess and Jesse talk about their second favourite game and how playing new things might help your Netrunner game improve.

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